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Commercial scales SHTRIH M5 TA

  М 5T 15-2.5 А   
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Weight: 7 Kg

  • Key features: a light-emitting-diode indication(board of cashier and client) is comfortable read of information regardless of terms of luminosity, built-in accumulator, large gravimetric platform(315 mm of х a 285 mm) from stainless steel, keyboard: 48 keys.

    And similarly:

    • A location of keyboard is from above on a bar, such location of keyboard allows to eliminate the hit of moisture or friable from the weighed commodity on a keyboard, the same, increasing tenure of employment of scales. It is special topically at weighing of the frozen fish, meat, солений, other "moist" commodities.
    • Determination of mass of the commodity weighed on scales
    • Input of price after 1 kg of the weighed commodity
    • Calculation of cost of commodity at his price and weight
    • Input of amount of piece goods and his price
    • Calculation of total cost of a few gravimetric and piece commodities
    • There is a voice and visual indication in-process scales
    • Additional possibilities of trade scales
    • Calculation of mass of commodity taking into account a container(self-weighted, entered in hand or to the memory taken from the preregistered cell).
    • Accumulation of container on scales
    • Calculation of mass of commodity taking into account a percent container
    • The mode is "PORTION" - trade scales compare mass of commodity to Pre-set mass, and if mass of commodity is equal to Pre-set mass, taking into account Pre-set admittance, then voice and visual information hatches about a coincidence.
    • 28 accessible straight from the keyboard of scales of energyindependent memory cells, each of that can contain information about the cost of commodity, used container, percent container, percent container or parameters for the mode "PORTIA".
    SHTRIH-M Ukraine

SHTRIH-M Ukraine

SHTRIH-M Ukraine

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Software development for trade;
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