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Suspended printing scales "BAR PRINT" ПВ v.4.5 (2 Мб)

  ПВ v.4.5, 2 Мб   
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Weight: 13 Kg

  • Commercial scales with label printing BAR PRINT PV used for weighing raw meat, fish and other products are spoiled moisture. The structure is made in a special way: the platform is suspended from the body scales below, so the bulk of the balance (keyboard, display, thermal sensors and electronics) is not in contact with the load.
    This model includes all the features of v.4.5. Scales differ attractive ergonomic design.

    Suspended scales BAR PRINT PV Label printing ideal for weighing seafood. Thanks to the standard Ethernet interface and optional - Wi-Fi, the scales can be easily integrated into the local network, providing the ability to boot from a remote host at a high speed. Large memory allows you to work with a wide product range and simplifies administration.
    Scales with printing bar PRINT PV - perfect for the job, both in production and in trade.

    SHTRIH-M Ukraine
  • Suspended printing scales "BAR PRINT" ПВ v.4.5 (2 Мб) - Reviews and comments:
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SHTRIH-M Ukraine

SHTRIH-M Ukraine

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