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17 " touch screen desktop monitor ET1715L

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  • 17" sensory LCDmonitorET1715L it is a new model 1000 series, worked out for the increase of efficiency of work of system integrators. ET1715L can be used both as a table and as wall monitor.Scratch area of monitor protected from the hit of dust and dirt into a corps. Acquisition is offered with an abat-voix Intellitouch (enhanceable светопередача, stability to the scratches), with capacitance-resistance AccuTouch(work is in difficult terms, activating by any object), and also by the c screen of unique technology of APR(combines in itself the best consumer specifications of acoustic and capacitance-resistance technology). Screens are equipped by an universal comptroller(except APR), allowing connection to COM or USB to port. Welcome news for consumers: in spite of the fact that these monitors are reliable and quality, and their producer is confessed world leader in of the area, this model will be in a lower price category.


    • Monitor of initial level from brand-producer
    • Special construction with steady delivery
    • Protracted life of model span
    • Protected facial surface from the hit of dust, dirt
    • Universality of connection to COM or USB to port
    • Dismantled support, assembling opening of standard of VESA
    • Button of blocking of tuning at the public use
    • Accordance to the world standards of quality

    Elo Touch Solutions (USA)

Elo Touch Solutions (USA)

Elo Touch Solutions (USA)

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