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15 " table touch monitor ET1515L

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  • New model 1000 series and is the sensory monitor of initial level. Can be used both as a настільного and as wall monitor. The scratch area of monitor is protected from the hit of dust and dirt into a corps.

    Offered in acquisition:

    • with the capacitance - resistance screen of AccuTouch is a management allows a hand, hand in a glove, any indicative object, to work in the conditions of enhanceable contamination;
    • with the abat - voix of IntelliTouch is enhanceable світлопередача, stability to the scratches;
    • with a screen on technology of APR - combines in itself descriptions of acoustic and capacitance - resistance technology.

    This model optimal choice for organization of retail points of sales(trade) and in area of providing of services(realization of payments, organization of feed, informative systems etc.). Welcome news for consumers: in spite of the fact that the monitors of ET1515L are reliable and quality, and their producer is the confessed world leader in the area, it is assumed that this model will be in a lower price category.

    Magnetic card reader (card reader)
    (additional option)

    Считыватель магнитных картСчитыватель магнитных карт


    Paths 3
    Layout of data ASCII
    Speed of card
    3 to 50 inch/sec(7.6 to 127 cm/sec)

    Elo Touch Solutions (USA)

Elo Touch Solutions (USA)

Elo Touch Solutions (USA)

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