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Scales with label printing "Barcode PRINT C120" v.4.5 (2 Мб)

  C120 v.4.5, 2 Мб 
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Weight: 18 Kg

  • Manufacturer: 
    SHTRIH-M Ukraine

    Libra " BAR -PRINT " C 4.5 - Special design scales series " BAR PRINT" 4.5 for self-service stores , where weighing and labeling the weight of goods carried out by buyers themselves .

    For maximum convenience, the keypad buttons are large in size and are equipped with replaceable inserts with pictures and names of the goods . Scales are designed for installation in the departments of frozen foods, vegetables, fruits and pastry .

    Key features :

    • Comfortable large keyboard with 120 (12x10 matrix) large buttons for quick selection of goods.
    • Bright display (VFD, 2 lines of 22 characters) displays the net weight, price, cost and name of the product, as well as information on the selected mode and scale status.
    • Configurable weights presented in the form of a menu with a hierarchical structure with the ability to easily modify some of them directly from the operating mode.
    • Convenient PLU programming interface (visual navigation).
    • Built-in and custom label formats.
    • Printing graphics and one-dimensional barcodes.
    • Powerful software for PC.
    • Controlling the balance from a PC.
    • Control over Ethernet broadcast teams.
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SHTRIH-M Ukraine

SHTRIH-M Ukraine

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Software development for trade;
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Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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