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Windows 7 SP1 Home Basic 32-bit Russian 1lits./DVD

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  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic provides a fast and easy access to the programs and documents you use most often . Now is the time you spend on the search can be used to perform the required tasks . With improved navigation system is easier and faster to perform everyday tasks thanks to Windows 7 Home Basic.

    Basic interface looks like Aero, but has no effect on the glass.

    As with Windows 7 Starter, impossible personalization control panel via the popup menu of the desktop.

    Windows Gadget Gallery.

    Taskbar support "live view " .

    Windows 7 Home Basic supports Fast User Switching is thus possible to operate the system at two or more users simultaneously.

    Windows 7 Home Basic also supports sharing Internet connection.

    Unlike versions of Starter, Windows 7 Home Basic lets you change your desktop wallpaper .

    Floating windows applications on the Windows desktop 7 Home Basic.

    WordPad with the new interface .

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