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Windows 7 Professional 32-bit Russian 1lits./DVD

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  • Windows 7 Professional is a version of Windows 7 , aimed squarely at business users and IT-specialists .
    It includes all the features which boasts version Home Premium, and has a number of significant additions , such as joining a domain , control Group Policy (GP), search for available printers , automatic network backup , Encrypting File System (EFS) and offline folders.
    Run many existing applications and business programs designed for Windows XP. Required for this additional software , if it is not pre-installed on your computer , available for free download from Microsoft .
    Automatic File Backup : protect your data from user error , hardware failures and other problems. Backups can be stored on an external hard drive , secondary hard drive, suitable for CD -ROM or DVD- ROM , as well as a network location .
    Save time and money in solving IT problems : use the powerful diagnostics and troubleshooting tools built into the support center for independent decision many computer problems.
    Sharing files on computers home network to connect computers running Windows 7 to a single printer using homegroup . It is necessary to specify exactly which files to each PC you want to include in this group.
    Easy search for any virtual objects on a computer - from documents to photos and e-mail messages : just click "Start" and type in the search word or few letters of the recipient or a file name , and then will display an ordered list of matches .
    Connect multiple PCs with or without a server : Use the domain join to quickly and safely connect multiple PCs to the wired or wireless domain network .
    Finding the printer : Use the print function based on the network location to determine the printer when moving from home to office and back.

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