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DCT Opticon PHL-2700

  PHL- 2700   
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  • Programmable handheld terminal , well suited for working in confined spaces . Data Collection Terminal Opticon PHL 2700 applied to gather information .

    contrast and easy to read graphical display allows the user to use the terminal in combination with any software . SAOTRON help connect data collection terminal Opticon PHL 2700 programs 1c. Optionally, you can supply the data collection terminal Opticon PHL 2700 RFID reader RF-ID, except that the terminal can have a module for data transmission over the air . SAOTRON help connect the terminal to the Opticon 2700 1C . Data Collection Terminal Opticon PHL 2700 is similar in characteristics to the PHL 1700 , but has a large memory - 8 MB.
    IRU 2700 - Stand communication is necessary for the transmission of data from the data collection terminal Opticon PHL 2700 computer. Data exchange with the terminal is over infrared (IRDA) port. Simultaneously exchanges data and charging the battery .

    Opticon (Netherlands)
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Opticon (Netherlands)

Opticon (Netherlands)

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