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  LK-TЕ122 US 
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  • Manufacturer: 
    Sewoo (South Korea)

    Printer embodies the best characteristics and accumulated over many years of experience in the manufacture of printers SEWOO .
    Printer also has a number of new distinctive qualities :
    - ultra fast printing - 200 mm / s ;
    - eligibility international standard ENERGY STAR. Energy Star - an international standard for energy efficient consumer products .

    Energy Star Standard adopted in the United States based on the state of the program in 1992 , and Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand , Taiwan and the European Union have joined this program. The implication is that the device has the logo Energy Star, have an average power consumption by 20 % ... 30% less than their counterparts
    equal functionality. This also applies to the economical power consumption in standby mode .

    One of the operational characteristics of the printer is the ability to mount it on the wall, which makes it possible to save space on the desktop surfaces and to prevent dirt and moisture (in the case of its use in the kitchen catering establishments ).
    Among the useful accessories printer has a compact bell that signals the receipt of the order coming to the printer.

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Sewoo (South Korea)

Sewoo (South Korea)

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