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Printer of printing for scales "SHTRIH-PAK 110"

  Strih-Pak 110 
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  • Manufacturer: 
    SHTRIH-M Ukraine

    Prepaking a printer is part of complex "Scales are a препакинг printer", that in collection executes the functions of complex of printing of labels.

    The basic functions of printer are determinations of cost of commodity on his weight and price with the further unsealing of label with bar-code. The value of weight acts from scales, a price is entered from a keyboard by hand or by the choice of commodity on an internal number (number of ПЛУ) or code of commodity.

    Libra, that STRIH-PAK is connected to the printer 110, must answer next requirements: to have an interface of RS232 and support protocol of POS2. These requirements are answered gravimetric module of ВМ100 and scales of STRIH-Slim, models of scales STRIH MP and SHTRIH М5, that have a built-in interface of RS232.

    A printer allows to keep basic information about commodities and additional information (message). A limit on the size of storable information gets out an user from 3th variants(the information destroyed in the first line of display at the start of device is indicated in brackets) :

    • a commodity base contains 23000 ПЛУ (SHTRIH-PAK 110, Т:23000),
    • a commodity base contains 14000 ПЛУ и 4000 4th string reports (SHTRIH-PAK 110, Т:14000),
    • a commodity base contains 5200 ПЛУ и 4000 8th string reports (SHTRIH-PAK 110, Т:5200), 

    where ПЛУ is a built-in memory in that information is kept about one commodity cell, including:

    • name of commodity, 2 lines for 28 symbols;
    • code of commodity, no more than 999999;
    • cost of commodity, no more than 9999.99;
    • use-by date(in days), no more than 9999;
    • weight of container, no more than 20% from НПВ;
    • group code of commodity, no more than 9999;
    • number of report;
    • number of graphic image, to 99;
    • code of certificate of accordance, 4 symbols;
    • type of commodity(gravimetric or piece);
    • date of realization.
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SHTRIH-M Ukraine

SHTRIH-M Ukraine

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