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Money box HPC-16S

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  • Metallic money box of HPC - 16S sliding type, can be used without limitation with any equipment, from autonomous cashdesks to the fiscal recorders.

    Opening of box can come true by hand by means of the key or automatically on a signal from a printer. The emergency lever of opening allows to open a box in case of loss of the key, during work in the automatic mode.

    Material metal, front panel from stainless steel;
    Lock three positions
    Separations for paper currencies 5 with rider paws
    Separations for chinks 9, coin-operated removable
    Sizes, mm L×W×H 417×417×100
    Tension 12V/24V
    I will eat away RJ 11
    Colors beige / black
    HPC System (Lithuania)

HPC System (Lithuania)

HPC System (Lithuania)

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