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Barcode Scanner Datalogic Magellan 800i

  Magellan 800i   
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  • The presentation scintiscanner of Magellan provides an omniaxis read-out and is the universal instrument of capture of data for implementation of many tasks. A device is worked out on the basis of the newest digital imaginary technology of Datalogic for providing of intuitional and rapid scan-out linear (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes, and also supports such to functionality, as a capture of images and deactivation of EAS of marks.

    Magellan 800i is equipped by intellectual technology of highlight of the third generation of Illumix for optimization of level of luminosity at automatic scan-out of barcodes from mobile telephones and for the capture of images. The compact sizes of scintiscanner do him an ideal decision in the conditions of a limit worker of space. For the scan-out of large, heavy commodities or commodities of non-standard size, a device becomes hand easily, due to his little and ergonomics corps.


    • High-speed reading linear 1D and optional 2D codes
    • Absence of motive parts in a device promotes reliability
    • Intellectual technology of highlight of Illumix™ automatically recognizes коды from mobile telephones, briefcase computers
    • Ergonomics design for a scan-out in presentation and hand modes
    • Compatibility with the противокражными systems of Checkpoint Systems EAS and Interlock.
    Datalogic (Italy)
  • Type of scanner

Datalogic (Italy)

Datalogic (Italy)

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