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Barcode Scanner Datalogic QW2120-BK

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  • Setting and purview:

    QuickScan are series of scintiscanners of general-purpose of Datalogic for the hand capture of data. Linear imaginary scintiscanner of QuickScan Lite QW2120 - BK is the device of initial level, created specially for a read-out long and truncated штрихкодов, that is widespread in some world regions. He perfectly befits for the use in a retail business, light industry, circulation of documents and in a financial and bank sphere.


    QW2120 - BK is a compact, easy scintiscanner with an ergonomics design, comfortable for application in daily operations. This scintiscanner demonstrates the good productivity at the read-out of majority of linear(1D) штрихкодов has wide corner and long line of scan-out, that does him an excellent instrument for a read-out more long and wide штрихкодов, that is usually printed to the communal accounts and used by the producers of electronic complete set.

    In addition, more thin and bright sweepable line of QW2120 - BK allows to the users to read штрихкоды under a wide corner without the increase of distance of scan-out. Specially for QW2120 - BK was the worked out easy well-knit support that is used as a stand with the changeable angle of slope of head of holder of scintiscanner.

    Patented technology of Datalogic 'Green Spot' for confirmation of successful scan-out. A corps is worked out with the use of the cast rubber, protecting scintiscanner at shots and falling, class of defence of IP42.

    QW2120 - BK is supplied with two variants of interfaces : USB or digging up the keyboards /of RS - 232, and also with the different set of options and can be ordered either only as a scintiscanner or as a complete set, in that a scintiscanner, cable and support, is included for providing of possibility of presentation scan-out. Datalogic Aladdin software provides functionality that simplifies procedure of setting even for unexperienced users.

    Datalogic (Italy)
  • Type of scanner

Datalogic (Italy)

Datalogic (Italy)

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