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Barcode Scanner Datalogic Heron HD3100

  Heron HD3100   
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  • A linear matrix scintiscanner with imaginary technology of read-out of Heron HD3100 introduced the special elegance and newest front-rank technologies in modern calculation-cash operations. Stylish silhouette of new scintiscanner with imaginary technology, complemented by a changing colors highlight, innovative and modern materials, loud speaker, is all together strengthens positive perception of brand on calculation-cash operations.

    Colour execution of scintiscanner with imaginary technology of Heron HD3100 differs from the usual colour charts of ordinary hand devices that Heron HD3100 is produced in magnificent black or white colors. Plus to it, there is possibility to decorate the overhead panel of scintiscanner of Heron "graphite" or "silver" insertions. A scintiscanner with imaginary technology gives an opportunity to design a device in accordance with brandname style of brand to the companies, offering to the clients to combine the logotype of company with the color of visual and sound of audioconfirmation of successful scan-out, to produce the additional positive impression on a customer.

    A matrix scintiscanner with imaginary technology of read-out of Heron HD3100 provides the exceptional productivity of scan-out of linear(1D) штрихкодов. A device uses the patented technology 'of Green Spot' for confirmation of successful read-out, that can be used as a "breech-sight" in the mode of stationary scan-out.

    Heron HD3100 combines all functions necessary to your business, he will please the admirers of fashion for the tempting charm of light and sound. you have possibility to use in cash settlement operations the most unique decision for a scan-out now!

    Datalogic (Italy)
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Datalogic (Italy)

Datalogic (Italy)

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