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Barcode Scanner Datalogic Gryphon GD4100

  Gryphon GD4100 
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  • The imaginary scintiscanners of linear codes of Gryphon provide the unsurpassed productivity of read-out and decoding and can be used in the wide spectrum of appendixes. Ability of Gryphon GD4100 to read штрихкоды, both from very near distance and in the distance a more than 1 m, increases the productivity and improves ergonometric descriptions. The wide corner of scan-out allows to read very wide barcodes, and the renewed possibilities of decoding promote the productivity of scan-out of the codes difficult read, badly printed and damaged. All these descriptions in combination with the high-res of decoding for shallow labels(to 3 mm) do the scintiscanners of Gryphon I GD4100 high-performance devices and powerful decision for the capture of data.

    The scintiscanners of Gryphon use the exclusive patented Datalogic system of confirmation of read-out of "Green Spot", shining the green signal of correct read-out on a bar code. The system "Green Spot" ideally befits for the terms of insufficient illumination, and also on conditions of work in a noisy environment. The function of "Green Spot", along with possibility of rapid read-out and decoding, positions the device of Gryphon I GD4100 as one of the best in the class, that can be used in offices, dwellings apartments, hospitals, pharmacies, commodity storages and plants.

    For the scintiscanner of Gryphon I GD4100 two variants of sets of interfaces are accessible: multi interface model for connection with a terminal through USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS - 232 and Wand Emulation or model with the interface of IBM 46XX, that also includes USB and RS - 232.

    Basic descriptions

    • High-rate of reading of bar code : to 325 scan-outs in a second
    • Megascopic distance for a read-out a to 60.0 cm(23.6 inches) for the codes of UPC/EAN 13 by a closeness 13 nice
    • Corner of scan-out 42° for reading of more wide bar codes
    • Patented Datalogic method of confirmation of read-out of "Green Spot"
    • Interfaces: USB, RS - 232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46XX and Wand
    • A model is consonant with the systems of Checkpoint EAS
    • Certificated USB is accessible
    Datalogic (Italy)
  • Type of scanner

Datalogic (Italy)

Datalogic (Italy)

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