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We mainly supply products in Chernivtsi.
But, if you find what you really need and you are not in Chernivtsi, then we can send the goods to other regions of Ukraine. Delivery is made by courier services, Buyer pays shipping.
Shipping cost depends on the weight, volume of the goods and your location, in any case, our managers after placing your order, contact you and agree on the amount of the order and the cost of delivery, only then the goods will be shipped to you.

Delivery times

Delivery in Chernovtsy to 3 working days.
For items delivered by courier or mail, delivery time is determined by the ordering depends on the region and the recipient.

Methods of payment


Individuals. Cash payments from individuals made through any commercial bank. After completing and confirming the order, you can print a receipt for payment of the order, and use it in the bank.

Note: Please note that the price of the reservation is not included bank commission, it is paid separately from the cost of the order. The magnitude of transfer fees is approximately 3% of the order value.

Cashless payment:

Legal entities. Cashless payment with legal entities made through any commercial bank, in which the legal entity has an account. After completing and confirming the order you will receive the completed invoice with our bank details. You can print this invoice with the parameters of your order for payment, or we will send it to you by e-mail.

Prepayment must be made within 5 business days after ordering.

All the necessary financial reporting documents are sent a letter to the actual address specified when ordering.

Documents are processed within 5 working days from the date of actual delivery of the order. When sending documents to your email address will be sent a notification.

Attention! All accounts PP Karutsenko SA possible to pay only for one calendar month. At the end of this period the score automatically becomes invalid, the funds that will go to this account will be returned to the client on the same day.

Through the payment system "Webmoney"

We accept payment through the payment system "WebMoney". Payments "WebMoney" taken from personal purses in the system "WebMoney". Payments are made in real time. Please follow the instructions on the screen.

* Commission payment system not included in the order!

Note: When ordering, specify the details of all genuine - ALWAYS!

Through the payment system "LiqPay"

We accept payment through the payment system "LiqPay". Payments are accepted from around the world via VISA, MasterCard (online). Attention! If the currency of your credit card is different from the currency in the form of choice, choose USD, the system will transfer This converts. Please follow the instructions on the screen.


Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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58000, Ukraine, Chernivtsi
+380 (68) 196 8830
+380 (50) 374 9540
E-mail: office@cashfront.net

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