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Sunday, 08 April 2018

Control elements

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In addition to the main menu, the program uses the action menu, located below the main menu. Depending on the open list (log or directory), menu items can be changed. Here we describe the same type, but about the special ones, for the magazine, for example, we will tell in the description of the journal.

New, Copy, Edit, Delete - actions available with the selected item in the list.

Print - print the register of documents, if this is a magazine.

Exit - close the list.

View - controls the columns in the table, show / hide.

A tick of the Elements and Payments, adds to the right still tables: elements - the content of the selected document, payment - payment for the document.

Filter - with a large number of items allows you to select for viewing the required by date, warehouse, customer, type, property, etc. Example of a catalog of a sanitary ware shop, here are more than 2,000 products:

Use the filter: select the items of property, "regulates the corner."

As a result, we already obtained a small list of all the cranes corresponding to the selected property:

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