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CashFront- small business

CashFront- small business

Wednesday, 04 April 2018

First start

Run the program, at first the program will prompt you to choose the language.Next, you need to install the database:
Sunday, 08 April 2018

Menu, windows

The start window of the program. This displays the balance of customers, and in the process of work, log records, which…
Sunday, 08 April 2018

Control elements

In addition to the main menu, the program uses the action menu, located below the main menu. Depending on the open…
Sunday, 08 April 2018

Working with the catalog

In the CATALOG menu we have collected all the directories with which the program works. The directory window is divided into…
Sunday, 08 April 2018


Initially working with the program create warehouses for this open "Catalog". In the left window is a list of directories, and…
Sunday, 08 April 2018


The reference currency is created we need the currency, and set their courses. The main currency we already have, along the…
Tuesday, 10 April 2018


We fix the taxes. Handbook Taxes are intended for the correct operation of the program with fiscal registrars.
Tuesday, 10 April 2018


In the directory of accounts we create the accounts we need for our work, such as cash, bank accounts, etc. If…


Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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