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Thursday, 28 June 2018 12:49

Selection of goods

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We select the goods in the document. "Add product" button.

The form of the goods selection opens. By default, the entire list of products, without groups, is displayed. from the root of the directory "GROUPS OF GOODS". In this case, we can search for the goods throughout the directory, without taking into account its group.

If you click on a certain group, for example, House.goods, then the products from this group will remain below. Clicking again on the "GROUP OF GOODS", go back to the full list.

Search field. By default, the search is performed on the first column. In the program settings, you can specify whether to display the COD field from the product card in the search. If so, the first column will be the Code, if not, the name. Proceeding from this, we make a search.

In our example, the code is shown. Therefore, we click on the "Name" column, i.e. we will search in this column. And in the search field we enter the beginning of the name, in our case "sou" (we are looking for sour cream) and the program shows us all the sour cream that we have, and the first of the list is highlighted. Double click on the desired, enter the amount, then the price (more below).

Product selection can be simplified if there is a possibility to enter his scanner, ie if you have a barcode scanner connected to your computer, and the goods that we enter into the parish are at your fingertips.

Then, we do not click on the "Add goods" button, just place the cursor in the search field (in the pink box), scan the code on the product, if the goods are found, we will receive a request for the quantity input (the first calculator), enter 10, Enter .

The next calculator will ask for the price. Do not forget? We make the document of arrival of the goods, therefore the price will be the "purchase price".

If we just start working in the program, and the parishes were not there, then the calculator will have 0, i.e. the purchase price is not yet in the database, we set the incoming price. In our figure, the purchase price is already in the base-11.55, if the document is the same, just ENTER, if the supplier's price has changed, then change.

Thus, the document was completed.

The entries in the document table are active, i.e. by clicking on the name of the product, the card of the goods will open. Click on the number or price, open the calculator, and you can make changes. In Fig. we changed the incoming price of 11.55 to 14.25.

Additional features.

When selecting goods, we have the opportunity, without leaving the document, to edit the goods.

Or, if you get a new product, then create it. Or copy existing if the new product is slightly different from it, for example, the weight of the other, or the fat content, as in the figure.

Thus, we create / copy a new product and immediately add it to the document.


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