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Sunday, 01 July 2018 12:38

Parish, ending

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We filled in the parish document, updated the prices. Now you can close it.

Payment - you can fix the payment directly from the document. Click Payment, an order will open, in which the amount has already been received from the document.

It is allowed to set the amount equal to or less than in the document. If the amount received is greater, then we do not record payment here, but we close the document and pay for the cash order.

So, set the amount of payment. We select the account to which this amount is to be credited (if you have several accounts, here is a reminder where these accounts are ).

Apply, document paid.

Here is what the document looks like in the report, we see here an increase in the debt to the supplier, and immediately payment, there is no debt at the end of the period. If we had paid less than the document in payment, then we would have a debt to the supplier.

We close the document. Depending on the settings of the program, you may be asked to "Fix an operation?". This means that the document will not be available for editing.

That's how it looks. Buttons that can change the contents of the document are not active. This is not final, the document can be removed from the fixation, and it will again be available for editing, but this possibility is already regulated by user rights. That is, you determine who can be allowed to remove documents from the fixation, and who does not.

And the button prints, prints the document.

Our finished document in the journal:

Point to it with the cursor, right-click, and get the available actions:

  1. Allow editing of the document (if the user is allowed);
  2. Issue a refund to the vendor based on this document
  3. Arrange transfer between warehouses

We figured out how to make the parish document.

  • Conclusion:
    1. The document draws the goods to the warehouse;
    2. Forms mutual settlements with customers;
    3. In case of payment, debits money from the account.
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