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Saturday, 16 June 2018 12:43

Goods receipt, initial filling

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We create the receipt document in the Operations-Receipt menu.

The document opens and the message with the document details: date, code (document number), barcode (assigned automatically), description (arbitrary note / comment to the document).

And the payment date, by default today, but you can set the date according to the contract, for example. Then this information will serve to not miss the payment date.

Then choose the client. In our case, this is a group of Suppliers - a customer of LLS "Servis".

For the document of arrival of goods, the price of the supplier (inbound / purchasing) must be chosen. In the document itself, there is no such choice.

The price type in the document will be chosen as it is set in the Customer's card.

At us it should be the acquisition price, i.е. price of the supplier, for us it is purchasing. How to check? Select our provider and click Edit.

The client card will be opened, we check the established price. We have installed correctly, the purchase price.

By the way, if the client is new, and there is no catalog in the catalog, we can add a new one without leaving the document, click Add, and write down a new client.

Double click on the client, select it in the document.

Then you need to choose a currency, a warehouse. If you use several currencies and warehouses.

The Advanced button will open our first window, where you can add / change the description of the document.

Then we add the goods to the document.

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