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Monday, 02 April 2018 17:44

Program installation

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System requirements:

  • Operating system Windows 7 and higher
  • A single-user license requires Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition (included in the installation package).
  • For a multi-user license, you already need Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express or higher. You can download it here: https: // www .microsoft.com / en-us / download / details.aspx? id = 29062 (about installing and configuring the server description separately)


    Unzip the downloaded archive, and run the file «Installer.Cashfront.exe»

    Run the file with administrator rights.
    To do this, select the file, right-click, and select "Run as administrator" (see picture).

    Runs the Installer Cashfront S.B.

    The program will run a status check, the availability of SQL Server, the program itself ...

    If SQL Server is installed on your computer, you'll see OK !, if not, the SQL Server Installer will start, and then follow the instructions of the installer.

     After that, the installation of CashFront.


    Wait until the installation is complete, you should get the following result::

    All. Press CLOSE. You can run the program (a shortcut was created on the desktop). The FILES directory from the installation package can be removed, the installer copied from it everything that is needed during the installation, and it is no longer needed.

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