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Sunday, 08 April 2018 10:52

Menu, windows

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The start window of the program. This displays the balance of customers, and in the process of work, log records, which show all the actions performed in the program.

Menu items and their commands:

Computer - Turn off the computer: exit the program and turn off the computer.

In the OPERATION menu - we create documents available in the system. Menu JOURNAL and CATALOG - open a single document journal and directory directories.

In the reports menu - we view reports on goods, customers, money.

In the SERVICE menu are available:

SETTINGS - here all the settings of the program and users, hardware connection, template settings, language selection.

DATABASE MANAGER - managing databases, creating a new one, deleting the current one, adding an existing one.

IMPORT OF CATALOG - import of the catalog from a file into programs.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM - information about the version, licenses, as well as the order form / license registration.

In the HELP menu, links to the program's website and the program help section. And also a request for remote assistance.


The windows in the program open one by one, overlap, if we open a sales document, for example, and then click on the Journal, then the sales document will not be visible. And there are two options for viewing.

First, we'll click on the SEPARATE WINDOWS, and all that we've opened in the current session of the work has got into a separate window of its own (look at the Windows taskbar in the picture below). There we have a start, settings, a log, a catalog, a report and a sales document. If we consider that more than one program can work, the places are not very much there.

The second option is more convenient, click in ONE WINDOW.

And look at the taskbar, neatly and freely. A sales document, which we "lost", is now available in the OPERATION menu - there a new line (always on top) was added to the standard menu items, SALE # 1 .... This is our open sale.

Reports also work. You can start several documents, multiple reports, then switch to a journal or directory, and the program will add links to all the unclosed documents in the menu.


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