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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 09:47

First start

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Run the program, at first the program will prompt you to select a language.

Next, you need to install the database:

Click "Add a new database", we get the following window:

  1. Name the database - CashFront Software
  2. Specify the directory where the database will be stored * (by default, C: \ ProgramData \ CashFront.SQL)
  3. Assign an Administrator password, optionally, you can do this later.

* - For a single-user version, you can specify any other directory, and for a multi-user version, it is desirable to leave the default directory, this is due to user access rights

Click "Run"


    The window for starting the program opens:
  1. Choose a database - this is the database that we created. In the future, you can create / connect the second, third, etc. Database.
  2. Enter user - the first time you start, you specify Administrator, a built-in account that can not be changed / deleted.
  3. Enter password - if you created the database, specified the Administrator password, enter it. If you did not create a password, leave it blank and click the "Login" button


At the first start it is necessary to enter the basic data of our company:

We fill in the necessary fields, in principle it is not necessary, you can enter the data of your company later. This dialog is made for your convenience, the first time you start the program, you will see in which directory the data about the companies are stored, and for your own a separate directory "My campaign" will be created.

    Since the program can keep records in several currencies, here you must select the main currency in which the account will be maintained.

The main currency is the currency in which the program will conduct all calculations. Change the main currency, after the recording and start of the program is IMPOSSIBLE. Therefore, be attentive to the choice of the main currency.

The program defaults to the currency- USD. To change, click on the currency, the dialog window for creating a new currency will open, there we fill:

CODE - international currency designation, Ukrainian hryvnia 980, codes of other currencies can be found here: https://index.minfin.com.ua/reference/currency/code/

NAME - display of currency in the program, documents, reports. In our case - UAH.

EXCHANGE RETURN / COURSE COURSE - the created currency will be the main one, and by all rules the exchange rate of the base currency is equal to 1. Therefore, the exchange rate / return rate is left as is, ie. -1.


Filled the currency, click "Apply".

Initial settings are finished, click "Apply" and the program will start login.

Run the program.

On the way: CATALOG - CUSTOMER GROUPS - MY COMPANY. We see our company, and the data that we entered the first time we started.


On the way: CATALOG - CURRENCIES. Our new currency, and if you click on the "Edit" button, you will see that it is impossible to change the exchange rate.


Further, it is necessary to fill the CATALOG (reference books).

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