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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 13:10


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Starting window of the cashier. Program settings such that when you start for the cashier immediately opens the sales document, when you close it, a new sale opens again. Thus, the program is always ready for customer service.

1. To add goods to the check, we simply scan the product's bar code, one by one. Two goods were added to the check.

    The cursor should always be located in the search box. If you are working with a mouse, then there may be a situation where the cursor will lose focus, then you need to "click" into the search box to return the cursor to the location.

2. If the goods can not be found by the barcode, you can use the search in the catalog.

To do this, click the "Add goods" button or the right key. Shift. The catalog opens, and in the search window we enter the name of the product, we get a list, from which we select the desired one with the up / down keys, press Enter.

3. If necessary, change the quantity of the goods in the check, select the necessary line, press the "Change quantity" button or the "*" key, enter the required quantity, Enter. Or, you can completely remove the product, the "Delete" button or the Delete key.

4. The check is collected, we pay it. Click the "Payment" button or the "+" key. In the payment window we get the amount of the check, here you can enter the amount received from the buyer, then the check amount is printed in the check.

5. After that, a check is printed, the sale is closed, and a new check opens, which will be waiting for the next buyer.

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