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Tuesday, 29 May 2018 14:09

Deferred check

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The check, which in the process of registration, in the program can be postponed, if required. For example, the buyer has still wanted something to get, and so that the others do not wait, you can continue selling.

There are two ways of working:

1. The first option

1.1. Just close the check, open a new one and continue to serve the next customer.

1.2. Continue to service a closed check. We open the magazine, and find the check, which was closed, it is easy to find by "tick", more precisely by its absence. Completely closed checks with "check marks" of fixation, and not finished without it. Double click on it, or select it and click Edit in the action menu.

1.3. Our check will be opened, we will continue to process it as usual.

2. The second option is simpler, but it depends on how your administrator has configured the program.

2.1. Maybe this: you need to postpone the current check, then just close it, and a new check opens automatically. You issue a new check, pay, it closes and you have that deferred check on your screen. Can I get it? We prepare. No? We close again, and the cycle repeats.

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