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Wednesday, 03 March 2021 13:28

Main settings window

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The settings panel is located in the "Settings" menu item of the main menu of the "SERVICE" program. In this panel, you can configure the system with the necessary functionality:

  1.  Devices - configure additional equipment that will be used while the program is running;
  2.  Templates - make additional templates for printing documents and labels;
  3.  User - enter users and their rights and restrictions on access to data;
  4.  Import / Export - enter the necessary exchange procedures with external programs.

All these functions are grouped in the panel tree on the left.

In order to add a new option to the settings, select the required tree node with the mouse and click the add button at the top of the tree. Select the required value from the drop-down menu.

To view or change the settings of an existing element, click on the element in the tree.

All Setting Items can be saved in external files in the "EXPORT" menu and, accordingly, imported with the "IMPORT" button.

On the right, in "Localization" we define the language of the program.

Basic constants: mainly for displaying basic information.

For example, currency, customer, warehouse are values that are flexibly configured in "Users", and it makes no sense to set them here.

The barcode mask is a standard value and we don't touch it at all.

Here you can set the settings that are not in the users:

  • Rounding off the sales amount;
  • Hide balances in the operation;
  • Font of the total in the operation;
  • Warehouse for picking.

Image directory: defined automatically when installing the program, in principle it can be changed.

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