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Tuesday, 16 March 2021 10:44

Using registrars

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Use of commercial equipment having communication interfaces with a computer

Commercial equipment can be conditionally divided into the following groups:

  • Fiscal registrars;
  • POS-Printers of the press;
  • Printers for printing labels;
  • Electronic balance;
  • Electronic scales with label printing;
  • Barcode scanners;
  • Stand-alone barcode scanners (Data Collection Terminal);
  • Bank terminals for payment by payment cards;
  • Readers of magnetic strips from cards (Card readers).

According to the communication interface, the trade equipment has the following differences:

  • Communication with serial port RS232;
  • Communication with USB port;
  • Communication using a network interface (LAN).

All these devices can be connected with the program for the output / input of data of trade operations.

Data exchange occurs by writing temporary data to a text file. This file is then processed by a scripting shell, which in turn serves as an intermediary between the program and the OLE / ACTIVE-X hardware component designed to work with this hardware.

Such a mechanism allows, on the one hand, to connect any equipment that has OLE or ACTIVE-X components in the set, on the other hand, to isolate the program flows of commercial equipment and programs, which gives high reliability of such a connection.

In addition, the use of open source scripts does not restrict users in their choice of trade equipment. A specialist with sufficient qualifications can connect any additional equipment if necessary.

Using cash register recorders in the process of accounting in the program

The program provides the ability to register sales of goods on physically different devices in the body of one receipt (one sale). This is due to the field "PAYMENT REGISTRAR" in the product card.

The value of this field can be selected from the list of cash register recorders installed in the system. Upon sale, the product will be sent for printing to the registrar that was selected in the product card.

The list of cash registers is in the settings form, which is available from the main menu of the "Service" program. This list is formed in the "DEVICES" tree.

The registrars of cash transactions can be DEVICE TYPE:

  • POS-printer, receipt printer;
  • RAW printer, ordinary printer;
  • FISCAL - fiscal registrar.

DEVICE:  the device connected to the computer is selected.

DEVICE NAME: name of the registrar, a string that is transferred to the list of registrars available in the product card.

ESC / POS PROTOCOL: POS commands that the program sends to the printer.

Each registrar must have at least one account on which the amount of payment will be recorded during sales.

Registrar accounts are located in the "RECORDER" tab in the device settings panel. In this tab, you can add or remove an account that will belong to the selected registrar.

If the sales receipt includes goods with different registrars, then in the "PAYMENT" button a menu appears, in which the operator selects the first payment registrar, and sequentially records the payment for all registrars present in the sale.

In order to print receipts, you must click on the "CHECK" button, which will have a similar menu. If you do not need to separate the payment and receipt printing processes, you need to set the "AUTOMATIC RECEIPT PRINT" constant in the settings panel to the "YES" position. With this option, the receipt will be printed automatically after payment.

Connection of fiscal registrars

The settings of the fiscal registrar are similar to the POS printer, we recommend setting the device name to FISCAL.

FISCAL RECORDER SETUP: you must specify the paths to the script files for the recorder to work.

And do not forget to indicate the account (cash desk) of the registrar:

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