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Thursday, 11 March 2021 10:23

Configuring Users

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Add a new user to the program: select the "USERS" item in the tree and click the "ADD" button above. In the open user panel (on the right), enter the username and password (optional). If the user has no restrictions on the use of data, check the "ADMINISTRATOR" checkbox.

1.  On the first tab "CONSTANTS" select the default value that will be automatically substituted with each new operation. If the user is planning to work on another computer, enter the name of the user's computer in the “COMPUTER” field.

The program actions table contains a list of actions of automatic operations occurring during the user's work:

  • AUTOMATIC CHECK PRINTS: automatic fixing of a sale followed by printing a receipt when the transaction is paid, otherwise the program will ask “Print a receipt?”
  • AVT. START NEW SELL: automatically open a new sell operation after the previous sale has been closed.
  • PROHIBIT OF NEGATIVE BALANCE: warning and prohibition of selection of a product, the balance of which in the program is less than the quantity selected for sale.
  • CLOSE SALE AFTER PAYMENT: close the receipt panel after fixing the sale.
  • SUMME SIMILAR PRODUCTS: adding the quantity of an item when entering, for items that are already in the document, otherwise the item will be added in two lines.
  • REQUEST QUANTITY: when entering, execute the request for the quantity of goods, otherwise the item is immediately added to the document with the quantity equal to "1".
  • REQUEST DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION: opens the panel for entering a description of the operation before opening a new operation (document). Free text field (reminder, note).
  • REFLECT THE PRODUCT CODE IN THE SELECTION: an additional column for searching the product by code, in the form of the product selection in the operation.
  • PARTIAL PAYMENT: allows you to close the payment action of the transaction if the payment amount is less than the total amount of the transaction.
  • PASSWORD TO REMOVE ENTRY: request an additional password for an erroneously entered product or a customer's refusal from an item.
  • RANDOM DISCOUNT: the ability to provide customers with an arbitrary discount.
  • REMIND ABOUT UNFIXED OPERATIONS: when the program starts, the analysis of the recorded operations takes place, followed by the opening of the operations log.
  • FULL-SCREEN MODE: the program runs in full-screen mode, some window controls are removed, the taskbar is not displayed, use on small monitors.
  • RESTAURANT MODE: enables the ordering option, changes the selection form adapted to the menu.

To change the value, double-click on it.

To commit the selected changes, press the APPLY button and restart the program.

2.  On the "USER PERMISSIONS" tab, configure access for the user:

Value options available for adjustment (on the right side of the table):

  • ALL CHANGES: full access to the data group, including entering new, editing and deleting information.
  • VIEW ONLY: View and select the data of the selected group. Entering new, editing and deleting are inactive.
  • HIDE: data group items are not available, data can be selected automatically only when a barcode is entered.

Double click on the value to select.

Data groups available for customization:

  • VIEWING GOODS: panel for selecting goods in an operation.
  • RETAIL PRICE: value of the retail price in the card, product panel.
  • WHOLESALE PRICE: value of the wholesale price in the card, product panel.
  • PURCHASE PRICE: value of the purchase price in the card, product panel.
  • VIEWING CLIENTS: panel for selecting clients in the operation.
  • VIEW PROPERTIES: the value of additional properties of products and customers.
  • VIEW WAREHOUSES: change warehouse in operations and in the program catalog.
  • VIEW TAXES: View and edit taxes in the catalog.
  • VIEW ACCOUNTS: view and edit accounts in the catalog.
  • VIEW CURRENCIES: change the currency in transactions and edit the currency in the catalog.

To commit the selected changes, press the APPLY button and restart the program.

3.  On the "USER MENU" tab, you can enable / disable the available items of the main program menu for the user:

MENU ITEM: Selects a main menu item to be configured (for example, an operation).

After selecting a menu item, the menu sub-items are displayed in the table. Activation of items is reflected in the right side of the table, double-click to change.

So you can flexibly configure user access to certain operations.

To commit the selected changes, press the APPLY button and restart the program.

4.  On the "VIEWING GOODS" tab, add groups of goods that will be available to the user when he selects *.

5. "VIEWING CLIENTS". We also add groups or clients for access to the user *.

* - do not forget to add new groups in the future, especially for products!

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