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Directory of goods we find on the path of the CATALOG-GROUP OF GOODS, the window on the left. In this window, use the buttons New, Edit, create and edit groups. You can create nested groups, for example:

  • Grocery
    • Water
    • Juices
  • Dairy
    • Butter
    • Cheeses
    • and so forth

Groups can be moved one to another and vice versa. To do this, open the group for editing and select the parent, or simply "grab" it with a mouse and drag it into the desired group.


On the left we choose the right group, and on the right we press NEW, this is for the new product to immediately indicate its group. But it can also be changed in the product card.

.Product card | MAIN

GROUP - group of goods to which the goods belong. With the ADD button, you can add a new group directly from the card.

NAME- the name of the product, as you like, but do not forget that it will be printed in checks, price tags, etc.

  • Advice:
    Avoid using special characters in the product name (US, ~, >, }, |, etc.). At the moment, they may not be a hindrance to you, but I know from experience that in the future, for example, when uploading to a site, errors can occur. And then try to find them.

CODE- is the serial number of the product. Assigned by the program automatically, albeit available for editing. If you want the goods to be considered in your order, skip this field when creating.

TYPE - choose the type of product. Available-

  • GOODS- indicated by default, simple goods
  • SERVICE - choose if you provide a service
  • SET - in the program it is possible to complete sets (more detailed about sets separately)

WEIGHTED - tick indicates that this product is a weight. So, it can be sold in fractional parts, unloaded into scales, etc.

TAX- select the tax rate for the goods.

MAX.DISCOUNT% - specify the size of the maximum discount for the product. This is how the defense works, no matter how much a discount is given to the client, it is cheaper than, it is supposed, the goods will not be sold.

The value "0" for max. discounts, will mean that under no circumstances will a discount be given for the product.

PAYMENT REGISTRATOR - specify which device, the product will be printed, on a regular printer or on a fiscal recorder.


UNIT - unit of measure of the goods.

COEFFICIENT - units of measurement, if a piece, then 1, and if the package, indicate how many pieces in the package.

PRICES - indicate prices, the program has two sales prices - retail and wholesale, use what you need. Prices of the purchase, in the card there is no goods, it is recorded in the database as the goods arrive, i.e. in the receipt document there is a button to update the prices, that's what it records the purchasing (incoming) price.

% - indicate the percentage of the mark-up of the corresponding purchase price. These values are used to automate price management. As well as the purchase price is updated in the receipt document, and these prices can be counted at the click of a button.

CURRENCY- the currency of the price. You can use different currencies, in the documents the prices will be recalculated at the rate of the corresponding currency.

DESCRIPTION- description of the goods, can be used in unloading to the site, for example.


A photo. The SELECT IMAGE button adds a photo to the product. Below is a photo, information about the remains of goods in warehouses.

NoteTo add pictures, do not forget to specify the path to the image directory in the program settings.


OK and APPLY differ in that the Apply button saves the changes, and the card remains open, and the OK button saves and closes the card. The PRINTING button prints a price tag, a label and not only, depending on the settings of the print templates. Well, CLOSE, it's clear.

.Product card | UNITS

Here we can add the necessary units of measure, specify their bar code, prices. Coefficient is the quantity of goods in units for this unit. And the validity period, use a short period if this unit is temporary, or it often changes.

.Product card | ADDITIONALLY

Here we set properties for the goods, from the property directory. These values are arbitrary, you come up with the properties and their meanings.

Used - in reports, filters / sorting, and also can be uploaded to a file, for example, for a site.

.Product card | PROMOTIONS

Here we set discounts for this product. More details about discounts read further in the help.

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