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Sunday, 08 April 2018 16:13


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The reference currency is created we need the currency, and set their courses. The main currency we already have, along the path Catalog - Currencies - open a list of currencies.

Click "New" and in the dialog box,

  1. Code - the international digital currency code, we have 840, the US dollar
  2. Name - the name of the currency, preferably in international format, we have USD.
  3. Exchange rate - how many units of the base currency for the created, we have 25
  4. Reverse course is an auxiliary field for calculating a course, if the main course is a fractional number.

For example: if we had the basic currency USD, and we would create the Hryvnia currency, then according to point 3, we must write how many units of the basic currency should be given for the hryvnia, i.e. 0.04. And it happens and so 0,031254133555. In order not to calculate this on a calculator, we put the usual 25.00 UAH, in the reverse course, and the program itself will calculate the direct.

Here is a list of our currencies and rates. In the exchange column, the values (figures) are displayed in the main currency, in our case in UAH.

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