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First, we create client groups, groups can be arbitrary, what you need.

Open the "Catalog". In the left window, select "CUSTOMER GROUPS", and click New (in the action menu).

Fill out the form, give the name of the group (I have wholesale buyers), description if you want. APPLY.

Create a client. In the left window, select the client group in which we will create the client. The picture "Suppliers" is selected in the picture.

In the right window click the new one, the client card will be opened, when you open it for the first time, there will be only one bookmark in the card - Home, after clicking the APPLY button, additional tabs will appear - ADDITIONALLY and PROMOTIONS (as in the picture).

Fill the fields in the card - name, contact, TIN, tel.

  • Barcode - this can be, for example, a discount card or another card with a barcode, to quickly find a client when creating documents.
  • Currency - choose the currency that will be substituted in the default documents, but which can be in the document and change.
  • Price - choose the type of price for the customer. With retail and wholesale, it is clear, these are our prices, by which we sell goods to customers. These values are also for selection by default, when creating documents, you can also change them.

But there is still the PRICE OF RETAIL, at what this price in the card of the goods is not present.

This is our "Incoming" price, purchasing. It will be recorded in the goods when creating a waybill. When we create a waybill for the first time, we will not have a price for the product, and we will put it on hand and update it, and in the next arrival, if we select the goods, we will already receive the purchase price, and if it has not changed, we leave it as it is, if it is changed , change and update (more in Docs).

Proceeding from this principle of price recording, for SELLERS we choose the type of price - RETAIL PRICE, ie. price of the supplier.

  • CREDIT - the amount of the loan to the customer
  • DAYS - the number of days on credit, this is if we give this customer goods on credit.
  • Next e-mail, address, description

Under the image of the client there is an inscription - BALANCE. This is the balance of mutual settlements with the client, the positive customer we must, the negative, we owe the client.

Bookmark ADDITIONALLY. Here we can add PROPERTIES that were previously made. For example: Property from the group "AREA" - Kiev. This property is useful to us for filtering / sorting in a large list of clients, if we want to see only customers from the Kiev region, or by some other property that you come up with.

Bookmark of PROMOTION. Here we will add a discount or bonus system for the client. More about discounts read on ...

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