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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 18:24


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In the account directory we create the accounts we need for our work, this is cash (cash), settlement accounts, credit, etc. In the future, when selling, the document will have to put "Payment" to the button "Payment" was active, we have to have accounts in the system.
The accounts are attached to the computer and to the connected print device. For example, the cashier will have a POS printer and a Cash account (cash), while the manager will have a RAW printer (a normal printer) and a non-cash account.
If you have two cash desks in the sales room, accounts should be at least two-ticket1, cash 2, and maybe more, read on "Type."

In the Catalog, select the account group, in the table click New and fill out the form:

TITLE is an arbitrary name, but give the name to the account so you can accurately determine what it is at the expense. I made Cash-1-FR (cash register number 1, fiscal registrar), then you will understand why.

Type- you have a large selection of account types- checkout, card, bonus, e-money, etc. In this way, you can create multiple accounts for one cash point, for example,

  • cash - cash
  • e-money - electronic money
  • card - bank terminal
  • etc

This will give you the opportunity to distribute the accounting of cash receipts in detail.

Currency- cash currency, if you use several currencies, then for one cash position, you can create several accounts in different currencies.

Device and ID Merchant are values for devices that require the identification of your merchant, such as a bank terminal.

Next, I created another account - cash-1-POS (cash desk number 1, POS-printer)

Now let's see what the "Names" of accounts are important.

In the settings of the program we will need to connect devices that we use in our work - printers, fiscal registrars and others. In the picture, the types of devices to which you can bind your accounts (but this is not necessary).

In my program we see two connected devices ГЕННАДИЙ-ПК_PRINTER and ГЕННАДИЙ-ПК_ FISCAL, where the ГЕННАДИЙ-ПК is the name of the computer, and the PRINTER is the name of the device. I got two computers connected to one computer, and you can have the opposite, two computers (two cash desks) with one device. For example, computer1_PRINTER and computer2_PRINTER. About this in more detail in the settings.

Now we are interested in bills. In the settings, select the ГЕННАДИЙ-ПК_ FISCAL device, on the right we go to the tab "Registrar", and below in the table it is necessary to add the registrar's account. Click on Add, and select our account: Cashier-1-FR, i.e. our computer ГЕННАДИЙ-ПК it will be Cash 1, and FR - a fiscal registrar. We correctly named our account, and it was useful to us when we had to tie the account to the device.

In the same way, we attach a simple POS printer to the cashier 1:

Now our accounts are tied to the computer / cash register and to the connected device.
There would be two cash desks, we would create a couple more accounts, and in the process of work, we will now see at what cash-box how much money there should be.

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