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Friday, 23 April 2021 13:36

Simple discount (surcharge)

In addition to discount cards and a system of discounts, the program can provide a simple discount, right in the check per line, with an arbitrary discount amount, or, depending on the settings, make a surcharge.

To do this, in the program settings, in the System - Current profile parameters, you must check the box Enter an arbitrary discount by the operator and set up the formula for granting discounts (surcharges).

We provide a discount, choose how to calculate the discount - by percentage or simply by the amount.

We give a discount

We give a premium, we also choose a percentage or an amount.We give a discount

After permission to enter a discount, the “Enter Discount” item will become available in the “Enter” menu.

Please note that you can use only one thing, or a discount or surcharge.

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