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Editor goods

When using the program in standalone mode, or in case of using it remotely from the office, the program has a built-in article editor. This gives the following possibilities:

  • Entering articles directly from the workplace;
  • Changes to an existing article (price, name, weight, etc.)

ATTENTION! When used in conjunction with the 1C program, the changes made in the editor will be replaced at the next unloading from 1C. The use of the SKU editor makes sense when the software product is used independently (separately). At the same time, it remains possible to download sales in 1s for the period of autonomous operation.

Editor goods is called from the main program window, Tools- Articles.

Editor goods has the following functions: search for articles by barcode: Bk. F1, entering a new name: kn. Insert, delete article: book. Delete, save the table of articles Ctrl + S, exit the editor ALT + F4, change the fields of articles (It is not recommended to change the code!).

Inside the editor (table) window, there are shortcuts to enter the editing mode of the required article fields (book-F3-F12), In addition, when you click on the column header, the table is sorted in forward or backward direction.

Assignment of SKU fields:

Code - an internal five-digit code of the article (Goods), is used to uniquely identify the article, must be unique in the entire array of articles, participates in the search for goods by code, is used to identify the weight goods from the sticker of the scales, synchronized with the Nomenclature directory in 1C. It is not recommended to change while the program is running. When working offline, the editor automatically assigns a new unique code to a new article.

Barcode - product barcode, 13-digit numerical value that is printed on the product label, unique for each product.

Name - the name of the product, since it will be displayed on the receipt tape and in the sales table, 48 characters are recommended.

Price - the price of goods without discounts.

Maximum discount: the value of the discount as a percentage of the price of the product, for which the program can give a discount for the product, if the value is 0, then the discount for the product does not apply. The program uses discounts in percentages specified in the discount card, however, if the value of the percentage in the discount card exceeds the value of the maximum discount, the discount will be calculated according to the value specified in the article field “Max. discount".

Unit - a unit of goods, additional characteristics of the goods.

Weight. - a value indicating the attribute of a weight item. With the marked value, the program will ask you to enter the quantity after entering the product code. Otherwise, the value of 1 unit is automatically substituted.

Checkout - sign of the registrar on which the sale is printed, possible values: "PRINTER" for non-fiscal cash desk, "FISCAL" - for fiscal cash desk (excise goods).

NG - the tax group to which the product belongs, the program supports five tax groups, values from 1 to 5, as they are defined in the fiscal registrar.

Block- value indicating the ban on the sale of this product.

Article editor

Action menu

Action in the menu: you can carry out group actions on articles (mark for deletion, cancel mark for deletion, clear price). It is also possible to carry out import / export operations of the list of items in * .csv format

Deleting a product → select a product, click "delete". After that, in the "actions" menu, click "clear the price from the item for deletion", only after that the product will be deleted.

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