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Monday, 17 May 2021 10:46

Printing labels

Printing labels and price tags in the program is possible in several ways:

1. From the article editor. Select the desired products and click on the "printer" in the menu.

Printing from the article editor

2. From any document (you can also select a closed document in the journal), select "Enter" - "Print labels" from the menu.

In both cases, the type of label and quantity will be printed as set in the settings.

For example: you need to print product labels. As a rule, we print labels for the entire quantity of goods and from the receipt. In this case, in the settings, we indicate: printing, label format and the number of labels according to the quantity of goods. To print price tags, select the print format price tag 1 or 2 and a fixed quantity 1. We print the price tags from the parish or from the article editor.

Printing from a document

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