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Thursday, 18 January 2018 17:57

First run

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An important point in the initial setup of the program is the definition of the "synchronization directory".

The synchronization directory is a folder on the hard drive of the computer where it is supposed to store information about sales and articles, we recommend creating it on a non-system drive (C :), for example - "D: \ BOX \", this will be a "database" with which works "CashFront". During installation, the program created this directory itself, on the C-C: \ ProgramData \ CashFront \ DATA .

The directory name can be arbitrary, you can rename it, move it, create a new one, it's important to correctly specify the path to it in the settings.

For this:

  1. On the D: drive, create a folder, for example "BOX."
  2. Start CashFront.
  3. On the Tools menu, click Settings.
  4. On the "System" tab (see the figure) in the "System" block, we click the "Synchronization Catalog" button and specify our created folder.
  5. Click "Apply" then "OK", the program is ready to work.

For systems using "Back-Office" the directory should be prominent in the network environment. Do not use long paths and long names if you plan to use a program with 1C: Enterprise, this is due to the features of 1C. 

Other settings in the "System"

Интервал опроса каталога сек.:  time, with what interval the program seeks information about new items to the synchronization directory, the value of 5 sec is recommended. when using BackOoffice. When the program is used autonomously, 1sec. and in the case of using an FTP client - more than 10 seconds.

Записывать системный лог: the inclusion of the function leads to the recording of ALL actions performed in the program (it is used to determine "controversial" moments in the work). It is not recommended to use because of the sharp increase in the file size.

Запустить IE: allows you to run Windows Explorer with the option "Disable Explorer" selected, used to maintain and configure the computer.

Лог. Файл: opens a folder with log files to view the events that occurred during the program.

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