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Friday, 26 January 2018 10:47

Transition from demo mode to license

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When CashFront is working in demo mode, you have configured the program, connected the necessary equipment and tested it in operation. Now they decided to purchase a license, and in order not to lose the saved settings, it is necessary to correctly transfer CashFront from the demo mode to the licensed mode.

To do this, you need to clean the test database. Follow the further instructions.

  • Make a Z-report, it resets the registers.
  • Open the synchronization directory of your program (if you forgot: it is listed in the administrative settings).
  • In the synchronization directory 4 folders: «Invoice», «Jornal», «Price», «Sales».

In the folder "Price" there are files with information about the goods, if you need them, do not touch them, and if you do not need them, open the folder "Price", and delete everything that is there. Also in this folder there is a file sgoods.bin, in this file the remains of the goods are stored, if you plan to keep records of the balances, we delete it.

In the folders "Jornal", "Sales", "Invoice". "Files with sales information are stored. Here you need to clean up .The name of the file about sales is the date when the sales were conducted, so, if necessary, you can delete sales data for a certain day, but in this case you need to delete all the files in these folders.

After cleaning the necessary folders, go to CashFront in the administrative settings and register a license.

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