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Thursday, 18 January 2018 17:57


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The program can function in two modes of licensing: Demo mode and registered license. In demo mode, the program's functionality is limited by the number of used items (the program uses ten arbitrarily selected articles). In the demo mode, it is possible to check the program functionality, hardware support, make the necessary system settings. In order to use the program for sales, you must register a license file. The license information is checked against the serial number of the main hard disk of the computer, and is unique for each individual machine where a copy of the program is installed.

In order to issue a license, go to Help - About the program. At the bottom of the link window:

Создать заявку на лицензию: The program offers to save a file with the information necessary to register the license. It is necessary to save this file in the folder with the name of your cash register, archive it and send the program to the seller to form a license.

IMPORTANT! The file must be created separately for each computer where the program is installed.

Зарегистрировать файл лицензии: The program prompts you to specify the license file, you must specify the path to the license file that you received from the program vendor, the license file is registered in the system. The functionality of the program will be installed after the next reboot of the system.

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