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Friday, 23 April 2021 13:54

Entering balances and goods receipt

To keep records of product balances, the option "Keep records of product balances" must be enabled, while the program records all the facts of the receipt and consumption of goods in a special register (the goods.bin file (in the "price" folder of the synchronization catalog), in order to reset the register of the remaining goods, it is enough to delete this file, while CashFront must be closed. The quantity of goods is written off from the register automatically after payment of the check. To display the fact of the arrival of the goods, you must enter a "receipt receipt." This operation records the specified quantity of goods in the register. retail prices.

To start accounting, you must enter all the balances of the goods in the store. In the future, for the correct display of balances, you need to enter each receipt of goods (supplier invoice).

The function of goods arrival becomes available after each receipt closure (button [F9] "Goods arrival"). To start entering the receipt receipt, press F9. A window appears for entering the receipt receipt number (you can enter arbitrary characters, the number of the incoming supplier, the name of the supplier for the convenience of searching and controlling the receipt, in our case, you can write "enter balances").

Entering residuals

After entering the invoice number, you can start entering the item. Goods are entered using a standard method. For a product that is not in the price list, press [Insert]> New item → fill in the product card → Enter → enter the quantity → Enter.

If you need to change the retail price, select the desired product and press [F10] "Change price", enter a new price → Enter.

In order to complete the entry of goods, press [Space] "space".

After entering the invoice, you can print labels or price tags.

ATTENTION. After the invoice is recorded, its editing is impossible.

You can print a receipt by clicking on the "copy receipt" button.

Receipt receipts are stored in the sales journal.

When entering a receipt:

The function "defer check" is available. If you need to switch to sales, you can postpone the receipt receipt and then return (just as when entering a sales receipt).

The status and type of the receipt is visible in the lower left corner of the program.

The top information line displays the item highlighted in the tabular section and its current balance.

The goods receipt function is available after entering the administrator password (if it is set).

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