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Wednesday, 28 April 2021 09:17

System settings

System tab

There are quite a few settings here, so let's split the description into three parts:

  • Current profile parameters
  • System
  • Users (Operators)

System settings

Block "parameters of the current profile"

Payment modes

Payment modes affect the state of the amounts that enter the cash register and determine the total amounts in Z-reports.

Credit card: includes the ability to use credit card settlements, in the cashier's interface the ability to select the type of payment will become available (button F8). When registering a sale, accordingly, the information will be displayed on the receipt and the amount in cash, by credit cards, etc. will be separately listed in the Z-report.

Deferred sales: includes the ability to postpone a started check and serve the next customer.

Credit: includes the ability to sell goods on credit.

  1. Order request mode (FAST-FOOD) → "tick" turns on the mode, it is used in cafes, restaurants, etc. When selling, it becomes possible to assign a number to an order (for example: table number, tag number, which is issued in "fast foods", etc.). The order number is printed on the check, you can print a copy of the check and send it to the kitchen to prepare the order. Read on for more details.
  2. Maintain inventory balance → includes a component for maintaining inventory balances in the store. Read on for more details. & Nbsp;
  3. Prohibit negative stocks → prohibits selling an item if it is not on stock.
  4. Display leftovers to operators → allows to show leftovers to operators.
  5. Hide negative and zero balances in the search form → it is convenient to use when there is a large volume of the catalog of goods, when there are no many goods on the balance.
  6. Entering the receipt of goods by the operator → when the administrator password is set, access to administration is limited, this function allows the operator to enter the receipt of goods without a password.
  7. Prompt for a password when deleting an item: the "checkmark" enables the mode, while it will be possible to delete an item from the receipt only when the administrator password is entered (if the "password" field is empty). You can also enter a password in this field that is different from the administrator password, and then when deleting an item, you will need to enter this password.
  8. Entering of discounts by the operator: allows, enters discounts to the cashier. The option is left for easy application of discounts. It is recommended to use discounts with the help of the “Discounts” function (Menu-Administration-Discounts), here there are extended opportunities for applying discounts, promotions, bonuses, etc., control over them is entrusted to the system administrator.
  9. Entering an arbitrary discount by the operator - allows you to give a discount directly in the receipt (per line). In addition, depending on the settings, you can, on the contrary, make a surcharge. Read more in the section "Discounts".
  10. Sum the same items in the check - & nbsp; without a check mark, when scanning the barcode of the same item, they are written to a new line of the check, and with a check mark one line and the number is added.
  11. Search for a customer by name (Shift) - & nbsp; when you press the key, you will be given a choice of search - Product or Customer. If you check this box, the list of customers will be available to the cashier.
  12. Search for formatted code by the "barcode" field - & nbsp; used for compatibility of programs when selling bulk goods. Check the box if you use 1C-Enterprise + CashFront in your work.

System block

The current profile settings are displayed here.

Synchronization directory: Path to the current database.

Directory polling interval: the time in seconds after which the program checks the directory for changes. In single-user mode, it does not really matter, set 1. In other cases, you can set it to 5, so as not to load the system too much.

Write system log is used in case of any failure, to write a file for support.

Buttons Launch IE - launches Explorer, Log.file - opens a folder with log files. Archive and Restore open the program's archiving system, more on this later in the help ...

Block parameters of the current profile

Block "users (OPERATORS)"

Administrator password: no password is set when the program is first started. If you enter the password now and save the settings, it will be used the next time you enter the program settings. If the password is set, the entrance to the administration menu is possible only by the password.

ATTENTION: the program does not ask for password confirmation, therefore, when entering the password, be careful, remember it, there is no password recovery system.

Close operators in one window: specific setting. An example of its application:

You have a self-service store and there are several sellers in the hall. There is only one ticket office, located in the hall. One seller comes to the checkout and calculates the client, after the sale, the program is blocked and at the next sale, you must enter the cashier's password, then you can register the sale. Thus, you see sales by cashiers, roughly speaking, you have several cashiers at one cash register, tied to cashiers. Naturally, you must have operators entered and the "use operator authorization" option enabled.

Use operator authorization: enables multi-user mode, when the mode is enabled, you must add operators ("add" button), at the same time you enter the operator name and password, and you can also select a profile for this operator. Change, delete buttons to edit the list of operators.

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