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Monday, 17 May 2021 11:09

Interface customization

In the menu Service - Settings - the Interface tab, the interface type can be configured.

Greeting line: an arbitrary inscription that is displayed in the main window of the program, for example: the name of your store.

Launching the program.

  • There are two types of settings available:Default settings. The "Return all settings to default" button returns the predefined interface settings. So you can feel free to experiment in ...
  • Custom settings.

"Protective" settings. Using these settings, you can deny / allow cashier access to certain areas of the computer.

  1. Maximize window to full screen - will maximize when the program is launched;
  2. Startup - when you turn on the computer, the program will load;
  3. Turn off the computer on exit - after closing the program, the computer will turn off;
  4. Disable Ctrl + Alt + Del - disables access to the rest of the computer;
  5. Disable Explorer - also prevents access to other programs.

Adaptive settings. These settings are used to adapt the program window to the size of your monitor, for example, if the monitor is small, you can "remove" unnecessary.

  1. Hide main menu - the main menu will be hidden and when you hover over the menu area, it will appear;
  2. Highlight main menu - the menu is highlighted with a color different from the main color of the window;
  3. Show panel with buttons - displays a side panel with action buttons;
  4. Show icons - whether to show icons on the sidebar;
  5. Determine the size of the main form by the font - fine tuning, if you have a very small monitor, you have removed all unnecessary, but still the window does not fit on the screen, you can make it smaller by setting a smaller font size. Or, on the contrary, you have a huge monitor and in the standard settings the program looks unnatural, you can adjust the normal view.

Next, decorative settings.

It doesn't make sense to paint a lot, experiment and figure it out. When you change a parameter, after clicking on OK, on the left in the window you will immediately see the result.

Interface customization

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