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Thursday, 29 April 2021 09:27

ESC / POS Designer Checks

The program provides a designer of receipts, with its help you can:

  • Change the order of displaying information on a receipt;
  • Change the "head" and "bottom" of the check at your own discretion;
  • Change the font of the receipt (if the changed font supports the printer);
  • Change the appearance of the check (highlight certain information in the check).

Check designer

Choosing a template for a narrow or wide ribbon.
Now you can edit the type of receipt. Perhaps you do not need some information here. For example, there is one registrar at the checkout, then there is no need for the "Registrar" line, you already know which registrar - we will delete it. The lines "Price" and "Qty" can be swapped. You can also set the alignment to the right or left by using spaces.

Warning! Inscriptions enclosed in <these_brackets> CANNOT be modified, they can be moved.

Check all changes with a "print test".

If something does not work out, you can always return to the "default" settings by clicking on the "template" button (the check will be filled in by default).

The figure shows examples of standard and modified checks:

Examples of checks

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