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Statistics 1C (DB) , which are widely used by enterprises to ensure efficient operation , contains information about customers and sales , annual turnover and suppliers, bank accounts and the accounts of the company employees. Unfortunately, the built-in authentication mechanisms 1C are not perfect , try for example, rename the file in the database «\ usrdef \ users.usr» and then you will be able to enter without hindrance in the database without a password. Furthermore , it is impossible to ensure the user experience without the permission of the directory database , it enables users to delete , copy and modify files in the database. But there is a solution :

Software product «SECURITY STARTER FOR 1C» allows to combine the power authorized limited access and the Encrypting File System (EFS) to protect confidential information contained in the databases 1C.

This allows you to protect your information in the following cases:

  • Unauthorized access to databases;
  • Unauthorized copying of data members of the firm;
  • Attempts to remove or change the directory database users;
  • Unauthorized physical access to the drive from another computer;

When using the file system EFS, database files are stored in encrypted form, eliminating the possibility of their analysis or use.

To restrict access to the database directory used security token that is not the current user, but as necessary given process 1C, for the operation of the program. In any case, without entering the operating system as an administrator and enter a secure password (set of letters and numbers 11 characters long) to read the data in an encrypted directory are impossible!

SECURITY STARTER FOR 1C will allow you to save the data, and restrict access to them, without breaking the functionality 1C

SECURITY STARTER FOR 1C safely enters the password for a user in an encrypted file, such as a flash drive. In this file with information about the authorization is unreadable, a unique encryption algorithm, where one component is the serial number of the drive, which guarantees protection from copying the file.

EFS (Encrypting File System) - a transparent file encryption service belongs to the family of operating systems Windows Server 2003.

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