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We offer a modern system of accepting payments for parking (hereinafter parking meter).

The parking meter accepts funds for parking and prints a fiscal check for parking. Fully meets the requirements of the law "On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Reforming the Sphere of Vehicle Parking", which was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on December 21, 2017.

Payment for parking is accepted by paper banknotes, coins or a bank card. The parking meter has an intuitive interface. The payment process is displayed on the LCD. Use the buttons to select the language of the notification, the payment amount and print the check.

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The parking meter is made of strong steel (anti-vandal case) with a waterproof covering - powder paint. Anchor units allow you to attach the parking meter to the wall and pedestal, providing a secure fixation in a stationary place. Safe doors - metal 3 mm thick, the case - metal 1,5 mm thick. The parking meter is equipped with a certified secure STUV lock, three chrome-plated 25-mm rotating units.

The hardware part of the parking meter is made on the modern ARM Cortex microcontroller which provides:

  • Reliable operation of the parking meter in a wide range of temperatures (-20 to +70 C). Operating temperature is limited only by the operating conditions of additional devices;
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption;
  • Stable software operation.

The software of the parking meter allows you to remotely control the operation of the parking meter from the Internet using a computer or smartphone, change the tariff and other parameters. The process of operation of the parking meter is recorded in detail in the log files. The specialized fiscal registrar provides reliable printing of checks in the conditions from -20 to +70 C. Depending on desire of the customer the parking meter can be equipped with the solar panel for autonomous work, the replaceable accumulator of 12v or an uninterruptible power supply from a network of 220v. Communication with the Internet is possible from a GPRS modem, WiFi or through a direct connection via fiber optic or wire.

The parking meter can be equipped with various means of receiving payments depending on the terms of the supply contract:

  • Banknote receiver;
  • Coin receiver;
  • Terminal for contactless payments;
  • Universal terminal for card payments.

It is also possible to equip the parking meter with additional devices such as alarm, webcam and more.

The cost of the parking meter is determined after determining the set and configuration of networks.

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Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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