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Adding new workplace " SashFront : Front Office Cashier " in the existing configuration.

Software " SashFront : front office cashier " may quickly scale , ie connecting or disconnecting the jobs as required. To do this, create a folder obschiyu on any computer in your program SashFront define it as a ' catalog data synchronization ", go to the item editor ( previously installed office) and press " Save "button , perform the same operation with the discount , if any. Set the directory synchronization on a new checkout. New box office ready to go!

No need to keep persistent connections all offices, the main thing that functioned directory synchronization, LAN and operating cash desk. The scaling can be carried out not ostanvlivaya sale in the store!

Configuring "SashFront: front office cashier" in conjunction with the program 1C: Enterprise.

Software SashFront "front office cashier 'fully integrated with 1C: Enterprise, the number of jobs is unlimited. Below is the wiring diagram:

  • BOX #  -  computer on which the software is installed «CashFront»
  • Enterprise LAN -  LAN
  • Back-office -  computer on which the 1C: Enterprise  
  • Remote box office - to which computer can not connect to LAN
  • USB,Internet  -  means for transmitting data
  • Stickers printing scales, packing goods, the LAN interface

Since software «CashFront» uses in his work as a data exchange standard text files, for computer equipment companies do not impose any specific requirements for full segment automation trading enough so that it meets the task:

  • installed on the server 1C: Enterprise
  • at the box office «CashFront»
  • LAN missed 100 Mbit / s
  • Moreover, there is also the exchange of data via removable media, INTERNET etc.

To integrate with CashFront, you need to download and install the appropriate treatment for 1C: Enterprise.

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