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In CashFront can obtain reports following items:

Sales-sales report for the selected day or period detail on goods output count of the goods sold, the amount of goods sold, granted discounts on goods.

Discounts-report on discounts granted for a day or a selected period, details on discount cards, output the sum of sales, discounts and the average% discount.

Operators report-operators (cashiers) for a day or a selected period, detailing operators, output the value of sales, discounts and rebates.

Operations-a report of all transactions for the selected period or day, detailing all transactions concluded transaction amounts (sales, refunds, discounts, bring in, take-out and balance cash.

Remains-report on the balance of goods gives residues at the moment, displaying the number of goods and prices of row.

Parishes-income statement items for the day or the selected period, the output number consignment operator and the amount of the invoice.

Besides: reports can be filtered by fiscal or fiscal goods. Print from the program or save a file in *. Csv, which opens Microsoft Office Excel.

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Software development for trade;
Supply of computer equipment with installed software;
Control and accounting systems: scales, bar code scanners, check printers and other commercial equipment.


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