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CashFront cash program can exchange data between CashFront (hereinafter referred to as box office) and applications such as "Back-office" (hereinafter referred to as office) via the Internet, so you can perform warehouse management of the office.

How does it work? Data exchange between the cashier's office and consists of two operations:

The first operation of the office, sending the cashier information about products (nomenclature), the second-Dispatch from the cash office sales report. This problem is solved by using the built-in FTP-client. For the organization of the system, you must have FTP-server. In this case all the files that are exchanged programs are copies. Therefore, even if some cboyah, information is not lost, it is in any case is stored on local computers.

  • From the office to the server, the directory synchronization «ftpbox», uploaded product data. File with the data stored up until CashFront not poll the server and download the file to yourself, then the file is erased. So CashFront gets price. CashFront accesses the server at intervals of 1 sec. Default (change in the settings) and check for new files.
  • CashFront when fixing sale sends the information file on the server of the sale. Sales files accumulate on the server and stored there until until the office is not will get them.

In case of failure, you can resubmit the sales for the period. You can resend the sale of administrative settings.

We strive to make CashFront as accessible, requiring no additional licenses, so in this case, to exchange data, we used the standard FTP file sharing protocol.

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