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CashFront program can use any print device, from the usual custom printer A4-A5 to special professional devices such as POS (check printers).

Accordingly, the program provides two options CashFront printer connection: using the standard Windows printing, and print using ESC / POS protocol.

Standard Printing allows you to connect any Windows print device installed in the system, but it has some significant drawbacks, namely low-speed printing, the inability to use the advanced features of the device.

Using POS - Printer offers certain advantages over conventional printing devices. As a rule, POS printer printing takes place on the thermal tape, significantly reducing operating costs for the system, are provided for the convenience of Auto cutter and tape connector to connect the cash drawer, ESC / POS - print has a high speed and allows the maximum use of function print device, but there are possible difficulties in implementation.

To check the print settings tab is provided in the form of program settings «ESC / POS printer" where the print settings for sales and non-fiscal reports. In this form, if necessary, possible to edit the appearance of the check. Some settings, such as font or logo printing, available for selection only in print mode Windows, since similar options in the POS-defined protocol commands.

  • Logo - to use the logo, available in print mode Windows, click "Select" to choose a file of your logo.
  • Printing ESC / POS CP866RU-printing ESC / POS with conversion code page 866 RU, there may be problems with displaying Ukrainian letters.
  • Printing ESC / POS CP1251RU-printing ESC / POS print directly to the printer (recommended).
  • Printing Windows-printing using Windows-driver (on a regular printer), it is recommended for devices without driver problems. Available to change the font, logo printing.
  • Print to Post - output information to the message (to the screen test mode)
  • Request print-check before printing system asks to print a check or not.

Fiscal goods in check: 1) Must not with fiscal-fiscal items can be output to print on regular printer checks, with no fiscal goods. 2) Must have the total for the fiscal check-in is not a fiscal receipt is printed only on the amount of the fiscal. 3) Ignore (do not print anything) - fiscal goods does not appear when printed.

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CashFront | Setting ESC / POS Printer


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