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The program has the ability to print labels and price tags. Tags and labels can contain barcode product.

Barcode Item can be created automatically by the program. Printing labels configured in Tools - Options - Print tab labels.

To switch to tick "Use device", and click to select the printer printing device.

In the "Print Options" establish that it will print labels or tags:

  • Windows print fix. Format price tag - the price tag makes it possible to print from any document (check parish, just check. Optionally, you can make a new check, select the desired item, print price tag after cancel a check).
  • Windows print fix. label format is the same as the label is printed only for the label of the product. This feature is made possible to print labels without special equipment (conventional printers with a special adhesive paper).
  • Printing ESC / POS CP866RU-label printing label printers EPSON (without the support of the Ukrainian language).
  • Printing ESC / POS CP1251RU-label printing label printers EPSON (with support for the Ukrainian language).
  • Windows-printing is used for printing labels using system management tools for label printers from other manufacturers.
    The program can print only one type of label, ie if you personalize print price tag, the program will only print tags, and if there is a need to print a label, it is necessary to change the settings for printing labels.

In the "Show the number of labels to print" is set how many labels will be printed. There are two options:

  • Number of labels on a product-woo-used when the label printer. Then you can print labels on the invoice will print as many labels as the goods in the consignment note.
  • A fixed amount, when the printing price tags. If you put a "1", then you print out the invoice for one price tag on each product in the consignment.

In the "Page Layout" you can adjust the dimensions of the labels, by setting the number of columns and rows. If you have chosen the size label does not fit the text labels using the "font" you can adjust the font size so that all the text fit into the label.

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